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About The Gigging Bass Player

The Gigging Bass Player is NOT about:

  • Fender vs. Sadowsky
  • Pick vs. Fingers
  • Victor Wooten vs. Jaco Pastorius
  • Where to find the best tab sites
  • Whether or not Steve Harris uses two fingers or three to do those galloping bass lines (just for the record, he uses two).

The Gigging Bass Player IS about:

  • Why we love playing bass
  • Why we (sometimes) hate playing bass
  • What inspires us
  • What pisses us off
  • Gig advice
  • Important band advice, such as making sure free beer is always part of your gig contracts

Comment Policy

The Gigging Bass Player reserves the right to moderate any comments.  All opinions and perspectives are welcomed and encouraged.  Just don’t be an asshole.

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

From time to time, the Gigging Bass Player may feature reviews or recommendations of products under an affiliate marketing arrangement with various vendors.


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